Repeat after me, “I am worthy of my time”

Self care is such a buzzword these days and I absolutely LOVE it! What an amazing thing to go “viral!” If there’s one thing this world needs right now, it is for everyone to take better care of themselves! You have to make sure your needs are met so you can give to others without depleting yourself. It’s easier said than done but once you make the commitment it becomes a constant practice that gets easier and more joyful with time. All of life can become a series of acts that continually fill your cup. That’s not to say it is perfect all of the time, because we know that is impossible. But as you begin to learn how to go with the flow, even the hard moments become easier to move through.

Ayurveda has taught (and continues to teach) me how to best care for myself. We are all unique so what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. Ayurveda recognizes that and shows you how to find and maintain your unique needs for wellness. A few weeks ago I had to opportunity to chat with Laura Iden Gibbons of Dynamic Movement Physical Therapy & Wellness all about the importance of prioritizing yourself and simple ways to start.

One thing I realized I forgot to mention in my talk with Laura was the idea to start your day with warm lemon water. Considering I have done this for years, I can‘t believe it slipped my mind! But along with making sure you meet your most basic needs (like using the bathroom and brushing your teeth), it is a great practice to begin your day with warm lemon water. Drinking it before you take in anything else (yes, that means BEFORE coffee!) helps the digestive system wake up and begins hydrating the body. The lemon is heating and, together with the warm water, it will stoke your digestive fire which has been resting overnight, and get it ready to digest heavier foods throughout the day. It is one of the many super simple ways to support the natural functions of the body for optimal health. Give it a try or pick one of the other tips I mention in the video below and see how you feel! I would love to hear your experience too!

If you’re looking to add more self care into your life, if you’re looking to find the keys to your best quality of life, if you want to empower yourself through unconditional self love, but want a guide as you begin please check out my offerings, including The Nest. My co-host, Donna, and I will be having a free Zoom call TOMORROW Saturday, March 20th, at 2pm to give all the details, answer questions, and hear what you’d want from us, too. Click here to register for the link to join. And, lastly, if you or your child are in need of physical therapy definitely give Laura a call, she even does home visits!

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