An Ayurveda Inspired Homeschool

My connection to the teachings of Ayurveda and my passion for homeschooling are held very close to the same place in my heart. I found Ayurveda first and as I learned more, it became so clear that this was the way I wanted to live my life. In tune with my intuition, with Mother Nature, in tune with my values and authentic voice. And then it was even more obvious, it was how I was going to raise my family. I quickly came to see that raising children with this knowledge and awareness was the most important work I could do in this world. Second only to (or maybe it’s really in conjunction with) doing my own healing work!

Ayurveda is the Art of Living. It shows us how to live in deep connection with our true nature and Mother Nature, how to live in the flow of joy, abundance, and health. It teaches us how to communicate intuitively with ourselves and our environments. You become connected to the natural rhythms of each day, month, and season. You begin to see the subtle ways the shifts from day to day influence your body and mind. And then you learn how to work with this knowledge to create a balance between you and your environment. Amazingly enough, Mother Nature has provided us with a map of how to live our happiest, healthiest, and most productive lives, if we only knew how to listen!

Each day holds specific times where you are most productive and most creative, times when it is best to exercise, and even times when it is best to rest! For example, Kapha is the dosha of earth and water (think mud!) and it is most prevalent during the hours of 6-10am and 6-10pm. If you think about what qualities are most common in the early mornings it is generally cool, wet (dew in the grass, mist is the air), slow, soft, quiet, dark/dim. And the qualities of Kapha dosha are cool, heavy, slow, smooth, soft, and stable. In the evenings too, we generally find the air becoming more wet as the air cools, sounds become quieter as life slows down. These times of day are great for moving the body to balance out the heavier qualities of Kapha. (But I digress! If you’re interested in more about the elements and doshas check out my Ayurveda 101 mini course coming soon!)

Anyway... once my mind was set on living life in alignment with my true nature and raising my family with the space to find theirs, I had to figure out how in the world to make it come to reality. Was it possible to continue my career and live this way? For me, the answer was a resounding "No." I didn’t want to spend my life sitting at a desk, trying to climb the corporate ladder in a career that was not fulfilling, just to pay the bills for a house and childcare, when the majority of my time was spent with neither of those 2 most important things. I wanted to actually LIVE my life and have my children live and learn through theirs. It became very clear to me that I was not in alignment with my values and there was no ignoring it anymore.

It has been 7 years since these thoughts first started swirling around in my head. Since then I have quit my job, got married, had 2 kids, and learned a lot. Now, as my oldest has reached preschool age, I am finally ready to begin bringing the rhythms Ayurveda has shown me to our family life. We have started to use rituals to shape our daily routines, like:

  • Starting our days with warm water (mine with lemon! Sometimes they want it too.),

  • Lighting a candle with our meals and saying a prayer of thanks to the food that we will take in to nourish our bodies,

  • Have our busier part of the day be in the morning to early afternoon

  • Have our biggest meal at lunch time,

  • And, schedule less for later in the day so we can begin to wind down even before dinner.

As I deepen my own practice, adding more to my toolbox of Ayurvedic inspired self care, it rubs on off everyone else in the house pretty quickly, too. It’s really fun to watch both kids joining in on yoga & breath work or wanting to dry brush and oil massage.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to see this dream come full circle!

Maybe it would have been a harder choice had I loved my job. However, in letting go of the need to stay where I wasn’t happy just because I was ”supposed to” has given me the space to create a life of daily joy and fulfillment. I get to live my passions instead of putting them on the back burner. And I can already see the benefits of showing my children this way of life so early on in theirs. Even though we are only just beginning our homeschooling journey, we are always learning and allowing ourselves to shift when needed. And ultimately, that is the essence of Ayurveda, a constant practice where you allow for change with unconditional love and curiosity, knowing that if it is in alignment with you, it will only bring you more good.

And I just have to take a moment to thank my amazing husband for supporting us while we make this dream a reality! Love you babe 😘

Photo by Michelle Amy Photography

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