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Kaitlyn Desider

Learning through living, nurturing through nature

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in Motherhood Alchemy. As a mother of two young children, postpartum care and motherhood self care are two topics very near to my heart and Ayurveda has helped me bring balance and health back into my life.


At my baby shower for my first pregnancy a good friend gifted me a prenatal massage with a note "Here is something for you! Go get pampered!" It was a profound moment for me and it was actually one of the only gifts I received in my entire pregnancy that was for me to feel good and take care of myself.  After I gave birth, the lack of attention on the mother became even more obvious. While I was lucky enough to have support, I became keenly aware of how much is truly needed (especially with an unplanned cesarean birth!) and that others have much less. I began to envision a world where we take better care of our mothers during this delicate and powerful time of transition and what an amazing impact that could have on our world.


After several years of self study, I dove into formal Ayurvedic education with Katie Silcox and the Shakti School. During my Level 1, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach training I learned about Ayurvedic-specific postpartum care and it felt like my two passions were colliding.  Once I completed the coaching certification and shortly after the birth of our second baby, I moved onto an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula certification with Sacred Window Studies.


Now I am putting all I have learned to work with Motherhood Alchemy.  It is time to reignite the feminine wisdom and power.  A properly observed sacred window of postpartum is one of the greatest ways we can do this. Ayurveda gives us the tools to empower new mothers to take proper care of themselves.  With these tools we can help raise a new generation of mothers who are grounded in self care practices.  The investment you make in yourself is not only invaluable for your own health and happiness but that of your children and future generations to come.

Also, just want to shout out the talented Michelle Amy Photography for all the pictures you see of me and my babies.

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